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Originally Posted by BunsbertMontcroffEsq View Post
I wonder why Woods Canyon and Willow Springs Lakes would remain open? Those two would seem to attract more "weekend warriors" unfamiliar with fire and fire regulations than any of the other Rim Lakes. Wondering about the status of Chevelon, Bear Canyon, and Knoll...?

Joe, do you have any idea about these closures and the White Mountain Apache tribal land? If the ASNF is closed, do the WMAT lands close too? Or do they make their own decision about closures? Have a trip planned to Pinetop this Wednesday - trying to figure out whether anything at all will be accessible.
Closures seem to have to do with protecting communities and areas where fires, if started, would be hard to manage. If something started right on the rim, there wouldn't be much area for fire crews to surround it before it got near some of those towns on 260. If something started in the Willow Springs/Woods Canyon area, crews could get around it without falling off the rim.

Right now, only Black Canyon Lake is closer. Bear Canyon, Knoll, Willow Springs, Woods Canyon and Chevelon Canyon are all open but with the Stage 2 fire restrictions in place.
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