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How's This?

I've been practicing tying some caddis recently (dry and nymph, the dries are sub-par) . Partly in prepartion for the fly swap. Just playing around and getting some ideas.

I initially tied the pupa with antron. I scrubbed that when I wasn't getting the correct size and coloration. Segmentation was good by twisting it tight and holding in hackle pliers. Just wasn't what I wanted.

Stopped by Sportsman's on the way home from Flagstaff. Picked up a thing or two. I've just been tying up a few to get an idea of what I want to do.

What do you all think? I know I can fill in the herl some more and not leave that little gap between bead and the thorax.

I just wanted some critiques on it. I'm using a cream rabbit dubbing underbody with a vinyl D-rib as the body and peacock herl for the thorax. Black/nickel bead head.

I also tried a clear rib over the cream underbody but it wasn't quite what I wanted. Going back and forth on which to use. I have been practicing with some cheaper hooks but have some TMC 2487 for the swap flies.

Critiques welcome. Let me know if I should change/add anything.

Just wanted to get some advice. Always trying to improve in my every day tying.

Also sorry for the blurry picture but the lens is still foggy from moisture it was exposed to in the high country this morning.

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