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Originally Posted by bgiordano View Post
Now that we have a source for Gila Trout for recovery purposes, Gila Trout reestablishment should be much more successful.

None of these places that were mentioned qualify under the original argument of disliking/distrusting the management object of the removal of wild fish for stocked fish.
Are the terms "recovery" and "reestablishment" the correct ones to use on some of these streams, namely Haigler. Is there new evidence other than biomarkers that live across an expanse of water conditions and areas outside of the Gila or Apache range? I'm all for replacing rainbow sport stocking with natives, and building native populations in naturally treated (burned) streams until the process is more refined.

Until then, shutting down AZ streams to try and reestablish populations of native fish over and over again only to lose them to a fire in an improperly managed forest, or something as simple as a non pure strain population needs to be eradicated and restocked. This is tough to swallow when resources aren't as plentiful as they are in other states. Then to mention on top of that, we are receiving more out of staters with fewer streams to fish.

With that said, I commend you Bryan for the hard work you have done in this state, and commenting for what you believe in despite moving on to greener pastures. They are lucky to get you up north and my hats off. Thank you for your service!

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