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Kelly Clark ....born & raised in Oakley, Idaho (pop.613 including jackrabbits)
....married 28 years and have two teen-agers at home (started
the kid gig late and don't know if I'll see the finish)
....affiliated with the military for 27 years (5 active Air Force; 22
Air & Army Nat'l Guard aviation)
....own & operate a pest control business with a partner (damn
good thing he doesn't fish)

Reading these posts doesn't just make me feel old; it makes me realize that I am old. Where are all the more mature gentlemen (old farts)? Must all be lurkers. At least Mr. Green Weenie is close to my generation.

Grew up fishing small cricks in south Idaho for native trout. At the age of 8, my son decided we would become flyfishers. My thanks to the Desert Flycasters for their assistance in making that happen. Cut my teeth at the walk-in at the Ferry; hence ScudChucker.

Truly enjoy fishing out of a tube (no lazy boy comments, please) and have been know to pursue warm & cold water species. At times, alas, conventional gear will be used on Mr. Bucket-mouth.

I, too, am a native Idahoan who dislikes the valley but loves Arizona.
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