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Originally Posted by Bucksnort View Post
I am late posting this thread. Because I am leaving tomorrow for lakes around Prescott, I need a quick response.

If you could choose one of the following lakes for pontoon boat fishing for trout, which would it be? Am I going too early?

Goldwater Lakes
Watson Lake
Fain Lake
Goldwater or Lynx. Both are quite pretty and easy to put in. If I had to choose between the two, i would choose Goldwater. Just a beautiful lake. Lynx is nice as well, a bit bigger.

Watson is pretty in a different way, with the granite dells in the background. And I've caught bass there, but it's very weedy and smells like duck poop in the coves.

Not sure if you can get to Mingus right now, the gate will still be closed, no trout stockings in a long while, and the dirt road up may be in rough shape after the winter storms.
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