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Terry Arrington -born 1960 in New Mexico. Grew up fishing the small mountain streams around Ruidoso and the lakes of the Mescalero Apache Reservation. Traveled eastward to Texas Tech for college (thus the name DBLTEA) and stayed in West Texas for some reason (jobs were plentiful during the oil boom of the late 70's).

Married to a wonderful gal for 24 years ...two teenagers ...16 yr old daughter and an 18 yr old son who is headed to Univ of Texas (that took some adjusting but he is a runner and a cyclist so Austin will be perfect)

Introduced to the White Mtns by my brother-in-law who grew up in Wilcox and have been taking an annual trip every year since my high school days. I usually come out in late Sept\early Oct when the crowds are gone, the air is crisp and the elk are bugling. You guys have a piece of heaven and I read your adventures almost daily and anxiously await the upcoming day of moving back to NM or even out to your stomping grounds.
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