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If you review all the prior pages of posts listed here it is obvious that the large majority of folks posting opinions and thoughts were clearly opposed to this project so I'm clearly not alone in my opinions. Having said that, I completely respect your right to disagree, just as you did for me. I believe that is exactly why this site exists, to share opposing views and possibly find some common ground that could allow projects like attempting to reestablish an endangered species like the GT to go forward. For example, had G&F been willing to live capture and relocate the existing fish below the proposed barrier, work out an agreement with the ranch owners of the property just below the barrier and then make that entire section of the stream from the barrier down the road crossing catch and release, I could have supported this proposal. Unfortunately our G&F was not willing to entertain any approach other than the simplistic approach of just poisoning the existing stream. They couldn't even agree to simply relocate the existing fish below the proposed barrier and at least give them a chance at surviving because that could be interpreted as relocating them. Sorry be that is just too self righteous and narrow minded for me to get on board with. Who are we to make such a decision? I'm sure you have your own reasons for your support of this project and ,as stated above, I wholeheartedly respect them. In fact, just the fact that everyone that has posted here was willing to take the time and energy to express an opinion shows that we all have some common ground. Hopefully we can all remember that everyone that posts here must love our sport and the piscatorial beauties that we pursue and would likely agree on most issues.
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