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People do well on Becker from the water out in the middle and back in the southern cove. It's managed as a trophy trout fishery so there's nice sized rainbows and tiger trout in there. If it's windy out, this is a very hard lake to fish though.

Carnero is also very productive, but hard to fish from shore because it's so weedy, and it gets worse throughout the summer.

I've heard Luna, in Alpine, has been doing well lately. It can be fished from shore easily, or boat. And there's a gorgeous lake near Alpine called Hulsey that is very easy to fish because the water is super clear. Game and Fish stocks it with rainbows. You can put a float tube on it, but there's no access to drive right up to it, so you'd have to carry it down.

There's a ton of super varied opportunities up in the mountains!
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