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A viable trout population starts up around Grasshopper Point, and extends upstream all the way to the source--wild browns and hatchery bows can be found throughout the stretch, with some places fishing better than others, depending on the timing and whim of the fish. The fishing was a bit slow in the vicinity of Grasshopper Point when I last explored it a week ago, but I found better results upstream.

I would suggest the water above Slide Rock, if you get there early to beat the crowds that are visiting the state park, or further upstream in the catch and release area, from Junipine Resort up to Call of the Canyon--both of these areas hold good populations of fish, particularly wild browns, and the access is generally good. However, the water is clear and dropping, so expect spooky fish and plan to employ stealth tactics.

I would recommend taking advantage of either the morning or evening too, when the light is off the water, or find shaded stretches midday, as the trout tend to be somewhat less skittish in lower light conditions. By the way, I managed to fool several good fish in one run last Sunday, in late afternoon, all on a dry (#12 parachute sparkle dun), pretty neat. Some #14-16 tan caddis have been hatching lately, and also occasional #12 March Browns (or some mayfly very similar in appearance).

Good luck, and tight lines,

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