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Originally Posted by Trout_kid_21 View Post
thanks, it looks like iv been tying all of the good flies im gonna start looking at that simi seal leaches pattern and also green wenies. what do you think is good colors for the clousers though? thanks for the idea on the vest big hand!
Clousers: blue on top, white below; chartreuse top, white below; Olive top, white or yellow below. Red and white too. Keep in mind that baitfish, which the Clouser Minnow imitates, are darker on the top and lighter in the belly region. I tie mine with the hook point on top in the vice and the lead eyes on the bottom of the shank; darker color on top, lighter color on the bottom. It's upside down so the hook rides up when fishing it but the colors are in the proper sequence for baitfish. Do you have bucktails? They sell them at Sportsmen's Warehouse. Kinda messy but fun to tie.
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