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Thanks for the great post Terry. I enjoy reading and learning about the Colorado. I love JW Powell's journal Exploration of the Colorado River and its Canyons. I have rafted the Grand Canyon and Catarack Canyon. Hiked the Canyon. Fished the Winds. Fished and skied Powell since 81 but never fished the Ferry. I once read a book where a guy went and found the Source of the Colorado in the Wind Rivers and followed it to the sea (which doesn't exist anymore because it peaters out). Worst decision ever made was to introduce the Tamarisk trees to prevent bank erosion and has now infested almost every major waterway. Thatís what happens when you introduce nonnative habitat into eco systems. It's interesting to hear the viewpoints of the Fish and Game and the Natural Resources because I have family on both sides. I know there is a lot of legislative power fighting over this water and for many fish and ecosystems are their least concerns. I'm just excited to fish it in three weeks!!!!
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