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Before we moved here, 14 months ago, we would occasionally drive to Gilbert to be with our grandchildren for Christmas. Rather than taking the faster but longer way through Flagstaff and I-40 then south on I-17, we would head for Gilbert by way of heading south east from Holbrook to Payson then into the valley. We felt this was faster even though it was slower and of course, it was way more beautiful than along the interstate.

In the process of moving here, we hauled some of our belongings to Gilbert by way of U-Haul trailers (three trips). We used the Holbrook route for these too. It was a bit of a strain hauling a 12'X6' trailer filled to the brim up some of those long hills on the Beeline. At times, I was down to first gear with my FJ Cruiser. The other trailer trips were with smaller trailers.
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