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I love being able to see long distances, which is one of the things I like about states west of the Mississippi River and I love the desert. On the Beeline, when you start down a mountain and look way ahead across a deep valley, you see a beautiful curved highway making its way up the next mountain.

I posted the next comment before I left Colorado and that is, tongue in cheek, I wondered who the goofball engineers were that designed the highway so you are driving north or south with opposite traffic on the wrong side of you. I remember the first time my wife and I drove the Beeline to Gilbert. It suddenly dawned on me I may have mad a wrong merge or turn, for a brief moment, until I saw what was really going on. It was a brief moment of panic.

Also, when you drive on 260 past Payson, there are some spectacular views across valleys.

Sorry for posting a non-fishing topic.
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