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Wrapping It Up

My tenth and final day in Flyfishing Paradise, left West ,after saying goodbye to Drew and his coworkers at the flyshop, drove up to the Madison Junction Campground to see Joe. Exchanged a few more stories about the old hometown, bid farewell, and was gratified to see Joe relaxed, his old self again.
Drove out past Yellowstone Lake, the Lewis and headed down towards Jackson Hole,out the South entrance, then through Grand Teton Park. Again, had seen so many pictures of the area, sensed I already knew it, and was reeling from the beauty of the lake, Grand Teton hanging right above the valley and all the water.
Jackson Hole looked like a place that might charge you to breathe the air, (the Sotheby's store scared me) should I get out of the car, so kept going, also time was tight to make the plane.
Down the South Fork of the Snake, seemed to be more river-running than fishing, gorgeous canyon that opened up at Palisades Reservoir, turned south at Alpine and headed into Wyoming, down the Salt Valley. That is a place I would like to return to, to check out the fishing. Some fishermen from that area have told me it is good - the Greys River, above where it dumps into the Snake, as well.
Passed Bear Lake, an interesting looking large body of water with sandy beaches and skeedoos, down along the Logan River (another little spot I would like to fish some day) and made the plane - 8 hour trip by that circuitous route. Beautiful drive, but had to keep moving to barely make the plane.
I felt humble and grateful for my fishing success and all that beauty - could not go wrong with my guides and mentors. Each of them had their own areas and shared their water and knowledge unselfishly.
Almost the perfect balance, my three teachers, even though that number is not usually associated with any kind of equilibrium.
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