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Originally Posted by FlyMeARiver View Post
I was close to planning a trip to this spot in the hopes things have improved, now my only hope is this doesn't get much bigger and devastate this area and who knows how many miles downstream. I hope it wasn't a fellow fisherman who was so careless but I don't know of many other reasons why someone would make the trek to that spot. Its incredibly frustrating and disheartening to think about sometimes but I'm trying to stay positive. Somehow, some way we as lovers of the outdoors have to find a way to protect what little pristine forest we have left before it's gone.
Yeah it's disheartening to see the impact the fires have on the forests. I had planned to be there this weekend but I had to change my plan and go elsewhere. I'm afraid the high winds this weekend aren't going to help with the efforts to control this fire. We'll have to see how it goes. Fingers crossed.
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