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Hi my name is Jake Rush im 22 born in april of '83. Was born right here in mesa and have lived here 20 of my 22 years. Currently planning a wedding to take place in November so the fiance' has put a hold on my spending. I started spin fishing in march of last year and then on a trip to chevelon in july my whole world changed. I bought my first rod and reel set up in september and since that time have purchased 4 other rods, i love it! I can't wait until spring to go hit the spawning bass with a fly rod and the slurping carp with a fly rod. Im not what you would call a "purist" of the sport i don't go and buy sage's because i can't afford them and i've herad that theres alot of cheaper rods that will perform just as good. Im still learning every time i hit the water and i hope this web page will help learn new tying techniques and maybe a few secrets from the veterans of the sport.
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