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Thanks Terry

I was going to reply the original question about the size of the fish until I scrolled down and found Terry's reply, mine was going to be briefer and more generalized. Thanks Terry for sharing your knowledge with the group.

As of today, the snow pack ranges from 81 to 103% of normal, so far so good for nutrient inflow this spring and summer.

On the subject of the Juan vs. the Ferry,
We few who have the great fortune to either fished here often, guided the Ferry or live close as I do, I worked for Terry for almost 11 years, are happy to play second fiddle to the Juan. In my experiences at the Juan I have been left with a bad taste in my mouth every time. Sure the fish are bigger & there's more walk in access but that, at least for me, doesn't make up for the difference in the etiquette. Even in the hay day of Lees Ferry Anglers when we had 14 guides, for the most part, we all managed to coexist.

I realize that some of the readers of this forum have had run-ins with Ferry guides who were trying to protect their client's water. Some guides just rubbed private anglers the wrong way or were even just rude. That was certainly not the marching orders from Terry or anyone else at LFA. Every guide meeting that subject was always brought up and "be as accommodating and diplomatic as you possibly can" was the order of the day. The understood etiquette was and still is that if a bar is occupied by either a private or guided anglers, you just find another bar to wade, or park near the beached boat and go and talk with the anglers or guide and see if the mind sharing the water without encroaching. In recent years, drifting has reduced much of the pressure on the bars.

I haven't fished the Juan more than 5 times or so because of the way some anglers act there. I have heard so many stories of anglers wading right into seams or pools that are being fished, angry words and physical threats or worse that it makes me wonder just why people fish a river where that behavior is tolerated. My buddy Chad who also guided for Terry for years just fished the Juan 2 weeks ago and again had a group of 3 crash right in to the water he and a friend were fishing and then began to verbally assault them while standing in the middle of the fishable water. Every time he goes to the Juan, he returns with a similar story. I'm not saying that didn't happen at Lees Ferry, it did, but it was not the norm by any means. Personally, I'd rather travel the same amount of time (5 hours) into southern Utah or a little extra to Colorado and fish a small stream. One-on-one with the fish, the way fly fishing is supposed to be in my opinion.

Speaking as someone who has a boat to go upriver anytime I want, it's so nice at the Ferry now, there is enough driftable water and wadable bars for everyone, especially with the economy keeping many anglers from affording the trip up here. For me, having such a big areas to fish either as a guide of just for fun, the unbeatable scenery, the sense of isolation and the quality of the fish and the variety of fishing techniques that can be used just can't be beat. I don't care if I don't get a 20 incher every time, some people are all about 20 inchers and that's fine too. If you can swing it, this spring will be epic on the Ferry.

Just my 2 cents...
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