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Thank you for this information.

This fall, I fished the Black where it meets road 25 for the first time by wading and hitting pocket water. I don't know what the volume was but it was perfect for me.

Next spring, I am going to the White Mountains for a week of fly fishing. I will fish the main stem of the Black but I don't want to drive 4+ hours to find the Black unfishable. I know there are lakes to fish so the trip wouldn't be wasted but, from my first experience on the Black, this would be my main attraction. I like wading and fishing pocket water but I don't want to wade in dangerous water.

I know runoff depends on snow pack. Does anyone have a feel for what is too high (CFS) on the main stem of the Black? I'm sure this is subject to personal taste.

What I did see at road 25 is if the river isn't safe for wading, there are many pockets fishable from shore.

I'm just trying to learn. Someone once said there are no dumb questions so please bear with me while I learn by asking.
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