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A one way trip is a distinct possibility.

There is a You Tube video of a former Navy SEAL who went to Afghanistan to fly fish. Most of the video is of his trek by vehicle to the fishing location and only a short segment at the end shows him fly casting in a river but you don't see him catch fish. I assume he returned safely because he produced and narrated the video.

The trip to the hatchery probably would not have happened because if the local base NATO commander is smart, he would not allow anyone to leave the base for such a trip.

This was unlike our commander who didn't care where we went. Sometimes, our duties required us to visit FOBs but not just for fun for Sunday meals. We went there because none of the dining facilities at Kandahar served Baskin Robbins ice cream on Sundays like Lindsay.

Lindsay is about four miles outside our base. He allowed us to drive to Lindsay in a regular SUV without armor and I guess we were stupid enough to do it. I did it twice but finally came to my senses and quit because we had to drive through what most people call a slum for a couple of miles. A bad guy could have zapped us with a rocket propelled grenade or an AK-47. Leaving Kandahar was a piece of cake but getting back on the base was like breaking into Ft. Knox.
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