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Fly Fishing In Afghanistan

Afghanistan and some other countries in that part of the world, are missing a golden opportunity for tourism. One aspect of this would be fly fishing for trout.

Afghanistan is mostly desert except for the northeastern section around Kabul and Bagram where there are snow capped mountains. Farther to the northeast of these locations, some of the mountains exceed 20,000 feet. I did some research to see if anyone is booking trips there for fishing but came up empty.

I came close to having an opportunity to catch a trout in Afghanistan. Here is the deal.

From September, 2009 to March, 2010, I was a U.S. Department of Defense civilian administering government contracts at the N.A.T.O base at Kandahar International Airfield. Kandahar is located in the southeastern part of Afghanistan, not far from the Pakistan border where there are mountains that look like the mountains in the valley but with far less vegetation. Our area of responsibility included about thirty F.O.B.s (forward operating bases) in south, southwest and western Afghanistan. One of these F.O.B.s was Shindand, which is where the Russians had a large air base when they were getting their butts kicked by the Afghanis.

Some years back at Shindand, the U.S. state department helped the locals establish a fish hatchery. In this hatchery were rainbow trout. I had an opportunity or two to fly to Shindand for work purposes but before the trips, I was aced out by other more important personnel.

I considered asking a friend in the states to send me a very cheap fly rod, reel with line, leader and tippet and some flies with the idea I would sneak a side trip to the hatchery, catch one fish then return to the base if I could have snaged a ride to Shindand but that never materialized. Of course, the trip from the base to the hatchery would not have been a good idea because of the Taliban. It would be nice to say I fly fished in Afghanistan. I am confident I would have caught at least one hungry trout. The reason I know there are rainbows there is because I have a photo of them in the hatchery.

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