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I have been struggling with as well.

I have a stripping basket that I wear around the waist. It is a William Joseph Flux:

It is ok. I have not used it much. I first tried it on a local pond walking around the pond.
For shorter cast no problem but when I started making longer cast( 40'+) I would start to get tangles in the line. I find that the basket rides high on the hip so it is not comfortable stripping line in. I am used to keeping the rod hand low to keep the tip of the rod close to or in the water(streamer fishing is where I use it the most or have intended to). Something I think I could get use to, just awkward.

I have tried it on a river as well. Same problem as above.

I try to do what Kellyc recommends and I think that may be the best solution. It does take some practice but the problem I have with it is if you do not have the room on the back cast to let out a loop at a time, you( well me) let all the loops go at once on the forward cast, I still get tangles. I may be doing something wrong???

When stripping line in try to put a loop in the pinkie finger gap then put the next loop in the ring finger gap then the next in the index finger gap and repeat. If you are making really long cast it is recommended to strip line in to the pinkie gap and when you bring the second strip in drop the first and replace with the second. (you will now have one loop with twice the amount of line per strip per gap if repeated corectly) Hope that makes sense...

The WJ Flux is a collapsible so it can be folded up when not in use. But when it is folded up and out of the way it becomes rigid on the hip and limits my movement rock hopping, stepping over logs ect. It is no where near as comfortable as the WJ Surge waist pack that does not have a stripping basket. When I do use the WJ Flux it does not have the fingers, post or whatever they are called in the bottom of the basket to keep the line from tangles( at least that is how the posts are advertised)

In a boat....??? I have little experience with that but the boats I have been in had a stripping basket on them, like a drift boat or raft set up for fishing.

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