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Originally Posted by Jojackc View Post
Warror you have to remember this artical is for brook trout fishing only. Something that is pretty rare here in AZ. Brook trout are very fast to take a dry and will even hit that same dry multible times if you don't get a hook up the first time. Rainbows will do this once in awhile and Browns it is very uncommon. But brooks are just plain dumb for a dry fly.
Couldn't agree with this last bit more, I had one nice brookie attack the same stimulator 4 times, and look at it a few more times on a creek on the bottom of the rim. It was a 10-12" fish. Couldn't believe he went for it multiple times.

I couldn't set because there was big log over the pool, and there was about 2-3 minutes between casts because the area was so tight and overgrown.

Agreed too about rare, I have only caught them in two creeks, and suspect there may only be one or two more creeks with them in the region of the rim.
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