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Originally Posted by Mr Blur View Post
I especially like how you tried to make it look like what you saw rather than a preconceived notion of what a midge looks like. nice work.
100% Amen.

Originally Posted by Newby View Post

Thanks for the undeserved compliment, schlitz.
Don't "aw shucks" it. It's a deserved compliment. The only innovative fly tyers are the ones looking at bugs and thinking outside the box of what has always been done. That's a good bug. I especially like the kind of mottled look of the thorax even though "clean" flies are supposed to be crisp and even. Made me rethink that part of the way I tie my own flies. That means something.

Tim- that resined neck feather looks pretty grungy and disgusting... just like the real thing... I like it.
“…Who has not seen the scarus rise, decoyed and killed by fraudful flies…”
-Marcus Valerius Martialis ~80 A.D.
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