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Regarding crap, I realized many years ago, I have become a trout snob or what ever you want to call it. I don't like touching fish with large scales. I remember taking a friend to a small lake in Aurora, CO where I caught a perch, which has scales you can feel and see, unlike trout. I was turned off by handling the fish. My dislike of crap started many years ago in Monroe, LA when I was invited to a picnic/fish fry. They only served crap. I wouldn't touch it. A few years ago, the Colorado Division of Wildlife "Outdoor Magazine" published an article on cooking crap. Just looking at the meat in the photos reinforced my belief I would never touch the stuff.

I know they are hard to catch and hard to land and it takes a different set of skills but it isn't for me. I hear stories from my friend who didn't catch a single crap in the eleventh annual Colorado Crap Slam, sponsored by Trout Unlimited. He catches them in the South Platte River in the Denver metro area on a regular basis.

I mentioned in another thread, sometime last year, part of the trout fishing experience is fishing in clear mountain water. Fishing for crap in the South Platte River effluent from the Denver Turd Herders (Denver Metro Sewage) and looking at the high rise buildings downtown is not my cup of tea. Give me just about any scene in the White Mountains and I'm in angler heaven.

My hat goes off to crap anglers for mastering the skills.

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