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Wallow Fire

Being a Colorado resident, for a few more weeks, I'm behind the curve on this one. I have a few questions.

Is this the fire that was a controlled burn and got out of hand?

Where was the fire?

How many acres?

Did it have a negative impact on trout in either still or moving water?

Our big fire, the Hayman Fire in 2003, burned 250,000-ish acres. It had a negative impact on trout, mostly in the South Platte River from Deckers downstream to Strontia Springs Reservoir. It's one of the three reasons I don't fish that part of the Platte. The other two are too many anglers and whirling disease.

The bone head doofus who started the fire was a Forest Service (I'm sure she was fired immediately) employee who was distressed over her relationship with her boyfriend. She decided to burn some letters and photos in a campfire ring near Cheesman Reservoir. The rest is history.

She is out of jail now. I believe she served time after being convicted in the state and by the feds. For me, a fitting punishment would be to make her plant 1,000 new evergreen trees every year for the rest of her life. As a result of the fire, a fairly easy access to the South Platte River above Cheesman Resv is now off limits. That's not a big deal for me because the trout bio mass there sucks major pond water.

I camped in the burn area above Cheesman, this past weekend and I must admit, if you are a big game hunter, you will be able to see game many miles away.
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