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My buddy and I fished Chevelon yesterday.

Against the advise of this thread, my buddy pretty much insisted we approach from the south. So, even though my GPS didn't take us the most direct way, that is what we did.

The water is 8-10 feet low and we had to traipse through some pretty thick muck to get our tubes into the water. My buddy actually lost his fin temporarily in the mud.

So, the fishing wasn't great and I felt very fortunate catching two nice 16 inch Rainbows.

I was fishing along the cliffs across from where we put-in and even though I was fairly certain there had to be fish in that area I wasn't having any luck just kicking around and dragging a pretty heavily weighted streamer.

Then I remembered something a friend recently told me. I paraphrase, but it went something like: If you do the same old thing, you will get the same old result.

Keeping that in mind, I beached my float tube near the side of the rock cliffs and tossed my streamer from shore, giving it plenty of time to sink and twitching it on the retrieve. I caught the two above mentioned fish almost immediately, and I almost had a third.

Then as often happens, nada. The fish shut down and the entire rest of the day, whether I was standing on shore or fishing from my tube, I only got two more hits. I lost one after it was hooked for a fair amount of time, but that was it.

It was pretty windy and as a result I didn't venture too far from our put-in area, because I was afraid I'd never be able to paddle back.

Next time I think I will definitely approach from the north part of the lake by the dam.

Thanks again for all your help advising me on this trip. I just wish I would've done a better job of following that advise.

Cheers, Rick

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