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Lakelady is correct about the road down to the dam. It is locked at the top of the canyon with a space on the side of the gate to legally allow motorized vehicles no wider than 50 inches. The road is identified in Forest regulations as only legal for smaller sized vehicles (<50" in maximum width). Some folks have taken it upon themselves to drive cross country, move boulders and other barriers, and/or use a pirate administrative keys to get past the locked gate to drive their larger UTVs and regular vehicles down to the dam, which is all illegal. That illegal use is wearing on the road, which is not designed for regular use by large vehicles, and going to cost us more in road maintenance funds. And because the road is again in such bad shape, our hatcheries have refused to make more than one or two trips a year into Chevelon to stock it, since it costs them in damaged tires on every trip. Thus, the lake could be getting stocked with more trout if folks weren't tearing up the road with regular use with full sized vehicles.

Please hike or use an ATV down to the dam as intended. Thanks.
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