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Amen to all of that!!! The illogic of fall floods is exemplary of government logic at its best. Most of us can remember when the Ferry was a fishery that drew people from all of the world-not just our country but when was the last time we've seen or heard of it mentioned in that context. Hope you're right Terry. Maybe you should try to start up a grass roots effort to pressure the powers to be to follow their own recommendations that they came up with last year in the study (EIS, if I remember correctly) they did. I'm sure we would all get on board with both feet. It's sad to say that we have to get the government to stay out of things just to save a resource like the Ferry and let it return to some semblance of its former awesome self.
While I'm at it, why do they call the HFE and "Experiment". There's nothing experimental about it at this point. The governments own studies have clearly proven that the whole concept of fall flooding is totally unnatural and devastating to the Ferry as a fishery. As just stated, we know they don't care about that but I also ask-why do they go out of their way to destroy it? Maybe that's the tongue in cheek strategy to save the endangered suckers.
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