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That's why we did it that far in advance so people can save for it. I'll get the specific dates in the next couple weeks. They just finished the season up there so I'm waiting for the owners to come back to the lower 48 and settle in before working on this a bit more. It's a great trip to say the least, especially for the price. It looks like you will have to have a deposit of $1000 around the end of the year to lock in your spot but that may be negotiable. It's also refundable up to a few months before the trip because of it being so far in advance. (don't tell your wives that part)

August will provide these fishing opportunities.

Sockeye and Chum salmon are spawning. The real target when this happens is the massive rainbows, char and grayling that are feeding on the eggs. Whether its drifting beads on the big Naknek, or a smaller trib these fish are super aggressive on eggs and you can catch tons and tons of fish every day doing this.

Silver (Coho) Salmon are entering the streams. These are the 2nd largest salmon species, the best fighting and will take a variety of flies from swung streamers, dead drifted flesh flies and even top water mice, wogs, poppers, etc. They get air quite often and will test your fish fighting abilities

Pike are in the sloughs of the big river. These are basically big cuts in the river that have slack water and these big pike hang out. Big, I mean mid 40's easily.

You'll see a few big red Kings in the river but the king season is over by then. Great picture opportunity of colored up kings, and sockeye. If you want to bring fish home it will be the coho's. They'll pack and freeze them for you at the camp, and give you a special box to ship them home.
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