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Originally Posted by Dub View Post
Jeff.....Try and figure out the best way to go about getting this thing off the ground. I have already talked with TU and a chapter of FFF and they have indicated they would get behind it.
I was just going to take it easy and see what AZG&F had to say about it before I started anything but since you have jumped on it...let's get it rolling.
I beleive once AZG&F sees how much use a good trophy fishery would get there would be many more opportunities come up for future projects. One step at a time, though.

Originally Posted by Lucky View Post
In order to do everything legal for a non profit it will be at least $1,000 to get non profit status from the IRS. If you want to be a not for profit corporation that is much less costly. The not for profit can't accept or offer charitable contributions.

These costs are assuming someone will set up the corporation and fill out the 1045 application for free. There are quite a few other items that would need to be done.

You will need articles, by-laws, a policy for non discrimination and provide any flyers or hand outs as part of the application process.
Dub & Lucky:

I've sent an email to the officers of the Henry's Lake Foundation asking for thier assistance and input on creating a similar foundation here in AZ. These are good folks and I believe they will be happy to help us get going in the right direction. I'll keep everyone informed once I hear back.

Lets keep the input and comments coming. Hey Seldomseen, can we get this thread as a Sticky on the General Discussions forum? Thanks.
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