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Originally Posted by Cactus Mike View Post
Great job, Ragen. Beautiful. Not sure I would even let that beauty leave the house much less fish with it. But of course, it must be fished.

I have been stuck in the mud after starting a 4wt bamboo rod @ Norris' man garage. That was four or five years ago. Right, Mike?

Still in the works; I now have a blank the need the ferrules, guides(i lost several of them), and all that there other stuff. Tip top to grip. Will take some work, but on the downhill side now. Won't look nearly as good as yours, but hopefully it will catch some fish. Just need to find a place to finish it.

I did score a couple of nice metal forms. But I am past that stage with this one.

That's my two cents. Great job Ragen.
Dang Mike has it really been that long since Norris's garage? And you still haven't finished that blank...
I continue to try and learn/master the art of bamboo fly rod making. Every rod is a learning tool and a step closer to making the perfect rod. The shop continues to grow and I continue to learn new tricks and techniques. I'm very thankful to both you and Norris for getting me started down the bamboo path.
I don't mass produce rods and I try never to make the same rod twice. I make rods for the enjoyment of making them and learning from them. I don't sell rods. This current rod is going to a young lady that has shown an interest in learning to fly fish. It will be given to her at no charge. In part as a way for me to give back to the community of fly fishers and also to help a new generation of fly fishers. I sincerely hope it is taken out and fished and that it serves her well. As a maker I want my rods out being fished. Not in some trophy case. Send me a PM if your still over in the Phoenix area and maybe we can catch up.

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