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Originally Posted by Beeyay View Post
Last time I was up there they asked us at the boat ramp if we caught any tagged fish and whether we would rather catch many small ones or a few big ones. My understanding is they are trying to build arguments palatable to anglers for killing the trout just below Lees Ferry. They tag trout below Lees Ferry and try and claim that those trout swim up river crowding out the trout population up river, and that anglers would rather have a few big fish rather than many smaller ones. The more tagged fish reported caught up river, the more fish just below Lees Ferry they can justify killing.
I for one would rather catch a few big ones than a lot of dinks. The rest of your post is pure assumption, IMO. Fish tagging studies are done for a variety of reasons and the data can be useful in managing the fishery to benefit anglers. We should always provide accurate information to persons creeling us at take-outs or while on the water. Your post implies we should be dishonest in our reports; not my style.
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