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PM battles rule! Drake and I became blood brothers after our epic Pokemon Card showdown......
You know, since I've been up forever, I thought I'd look up the posts started by the two most recent guys to smack my Human Comedy in the Balzac, and I discovered that they dont seem to start many posts about fishing or catching fish themeselves..... Actually, not a whole lot of anything.....
is it better to post one or two fishing reports so far this year and whine about people who don't stick to the holy topic list or, is it better to let a few uninhibbited folks post a whole bunch of stuff to entertain themeselves while they sit and giggle at the keyboard if they occasionally throw in reports, fly pics, naked photos of bass and stories which are nothing more than a strange form of semi anonymous journaling which doesn't require any of the painstaking labor involved in setting up and running your own blogosphere? I would never read my blog..
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