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Lee's Ferry Questions

I have a friend who grew up in AZ but moved to Alaska after graduating. He met a girl who is a kick *** angler and he has become an avid fly fisherman, in addition to crabbing, etc.

Long story short, he is coming back to AZ with the girlfriend in mid to late march and wants to take her fishing. I let him know that the mountain conditions on the Rim and in the White Mountains, in mid to late march are probably going to be adverse to fishing, but that Lee's Ferry might be a good option.

I have fished the San Juan, but not Lee's Ferry. I am definitely not the person to know what conditions would be like at Lee's Ferry at that time of year. I know the San Juan can have some big flows in the spring, but I have no clue as to how the Colorado is managed at Lee's Ferry.

So, looking for some general information to pass along regarding fishing Lee's Ferry, and in particular what to expect in March and April.

Looking forward to hearing back from those in the know!
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