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Right vs Left Handed Fly Fishers

Please note the political correctness in the title.

About a hundred years ago, an article titled, "Read Any Good Water Lately?" appeared in a Fly Fisherman magazine, which is where I learned about riffles, runs, flats and pools but only being the second greatest fly fisherman in the world, I still have a lot to learn. After 40 years of fly fishing, one would think I would know all about this topic.

A neighbor, who does not fish, loaned me a book titled, "How To Read Water",
Clues And Patterns From Puddles to the Sea. The author is Tristan Gooley. He does not fly fish. In one chapter, he addresses trout fishing relative to reading water. A friend, Stuart, who does fly fish, took him to a stream for a day of fishing. Stuart was was pointing out places where trout hang out.

I am paraphrasing a section. Stuart's finger darted out regularly toward a patch of calmer water on the other side. I asked him why he was only pointing at the pockets on the far side; surely there were some good spots on our side? Stuart said, you are right. It's because I'm right handed." He made a casting gesture with his right arm and pointed at the far bank. Right handers will see the river differently from left handers (huh?). Stuart said if he walks a river with a left-hander we will zero in on different spots. Stuart also said he tricks himself into believing he will cast with his left hand to reveal pockets he would never have spotted otherwise.

This angler might be related to the dude who said you kill more trout nymphing than with dry flies.

So, someone needs to do some splaining about how right and left handed fly anglers see water differently.
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