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Intothewildwego 08-04-2017 07:19 PM

2 guys fishing at Canyon creek this morning..
Makes me wonder why two grown *** men (father and son) decked out in all your fancy fly fishing gear would 1. Cut up brand new fly line 2. Leave that **** chunked up ON THE GROUND half sitting in the water with tippet/fly still attached and think that was ok. It took everything in me after I picked that up to not say anything in passing. But I'm an adult and you guys should grow up and show some respect for what us real fishermen/outdoorsmen thrive to conserve and enjoy for more than just the fishing.

The dad with the red head son in the white SUV I hope you or someone you know sees this. Maybe you'll think twice before trashing such an amazing place. I'm sure it's not the first time. Thanks.


PaysonLazerLiner 08-04-2017 08:26 PM

I've posted this before but maybe it's worth repeating-I believe all of us have both the right and even the responsibility to defend out beautiful wild places when we see such irresponsible and disrespectful behavior as you described. Having said that I'm not sure my response would have been much different from yours. It's obviously very touchy to try to address another fisher (if we really want to give these two jerks that much credit) in a way that will end with a positive outcome. Maybe, after you cleaned up their mess, you could have just walked up to them and handed it back, commenting that they must have inadvertently left it back on the bank. But I'm not so sure even that not-so-suttle approach would have reached these two clowns. Maybe the lesson for all of us that love our wild places have to at least consider is what we might do in a similar situation because if we haven't already been there we all inevitably will at some point.
I've also stated that we need more enforcement officers to walk our streams, even if others professions within the Game and Fish departments have to be reduced. We need more enforcement of existing laws even if it means less studies by all the really smart people-it's just that simple. Wouldn't it have been great to simply point this act of total disrespect for what most of us hold so dear to a ranger on the stream. I'm sure the learning curve for these two jerks would have been noticeably accelerated.
Thanks for the post

Bucksnort 08-05-2017 07:37 PM

Think of the lesson he taught his son. I would be tempted to hand them the mess with a friendly approach but perhaps they did it for two reasons. First, because they have no respect for the land and second, they may have wanted someone to approach them and for that reason, I would not say anything.

Many years ago, I was elk hunting in western Colorado in an area I hunted many times. I was the first in my party of three to arrive so while waiting for the others to show, I decided to park and look (at almost sundown) for elk and deer hopping a fence into an alfalfa field. I was parked next to a paved county road. I saw no elk or deer but while sitting in my truck with the window down when I heard a cat meow.

Earlier in the evening before I parked at this spot, I heard a vehicle stop at the place where I would later park. In a couple of minutes, the vehicle left the area and I could see it was a man. This total jerk wasn't responsible enough to have his female cat spayed so when she had three kittens, he decided to leave them next to the alfalfa field to be eaten by coyotes.

I got out of the truck and found the three kittens who were maybe six weeks old. I just couldn't leave them there so I picket them up then tried to decide what to do. I drove back to a small town where I saw a veterinarian's office. She told me she could not take them because she was about to begin surgery. She recommended I take them to a vet's office in Rifle, CO, which is what I did. He took the cats.

I wanted very much to place an ad in the local newspaper telling the jerk I found the kitten and they are safe but I thought I would not give this bone head the satisfaction of knowing he made a mistake and the kittens would be ok. My hope is he would consider what he did and think about it for the rest of his life but it's my opinion this isn't the first time he has done this.

And I sometimes wonder why I kill elk and deer.

WminPhoenix 08-05-2017 10:20 PM

People like the folks that left the cut up fly line are part of the NMP (Not My Problem) crowd. They think the great outdoors is the great trash bin. I have on occasion picked up some slobs trash and handed back to them in a bag I carry and told them, "there is a trash can for your trash in the parking lot". Of course being 6'3" & 240 and having my 9mm in a holster on my wading belt makes them think twice about getting stupid.
Did I ever tell you that some days I just hate people.

Bucksnort 08-06-2017 01:27 PM


But wait a minute, aren't you a "people"? -ha.

Bucksnort 08-06-2017 01:28 PM

There are some things that should come under justifiable homicide.

gordo 08-09-2017 01:15 PM

Photo of them and/or their license plate then a call to the appropriate number below......donate any reward.

AZG&F 1-800-352-0700


fishunter 08-11-2017 04:21 AM

Good advice... putting these in my phone (they were already there)
Photo of them and/or their license plate then a call to the appropriate number below......donate any reward.

AZG&F 1-800-352-0700


Jojackc 08-13-2017 03:19 AM

Its a tough call. I was hiking out of Chevy one night and ran into two guys I saw come up from the river. They had a stringer full of fish and a grocery bag with power bait and worms in it. I know that the limit is two with artificial bait and lure only. They had over this and the bait hanging over the dads shoulder. I could see the dad had a side arm and so did I so I didn't want it to become a shoot out. So I started out by asking how the day was going and just making small talk. Once I started to talk to them I found out they where from the Ukraine, where there are no fishing regulations. I explained to them the regulations and I actually think they where scared of getting in trouble. I told them it was a honest mistake and to enjoy their fish dinner. I ran into them three months after that. Fishing with spinner baits with smooched barbs. I think some times people just don't think or just don't know what their actions are doing. They needed a reminder just in a way that no one gets hurt. It can be hard to do alone in the back country though.

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