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jchar85719 09-12-2017 05:36 PM

White River Reports?
I am heading up to the White Mountains with my wife this weekend. She is not real big on fishing, but has agreed to go fly fishing with me for a half day or so. We are staying in Hon-Dah Thursday night. One possibility is fishing the White River off of highway 73 near the hatchery as it is close to the resort. I have not fished this section of the White. I have fished the section of the White from Hawley Lake bridge to Paradise Creek several times with mixed success.

I thought the section off of 73 would be highly accessible and not too burly and would probably be a section of the stream for my wife. She has fly fished on small streams three times in her life. She is actually not too bad for someone who has only done it a few times. Figured we could get all rigged up at the resort and head on down the road and be on the stream in minutes.

I am not tied to this plan though. If it will be non-productive then I am up to heading elsewhere.

Any reports from anybody who has recently fished up on that section lately? Stocked recently? Hopper dropper set up, hopper and trailing dry, or maybe just dry flies on that section?

Also, I heard that there was a catch and release section near there? Anybody in the know about this section - re: access, etc.

Westy 09-12-2017 10:11 PM

I've not spent much time in that exact area but I can suggest fishing a double nymph rig. That will likely yield some results especially if the water is flowing well. Add weight and fish the bottom channels. This time of year that typically works well and will be most consistent.

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