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joe 10-07-2018 08:30 PM

Canyon Creek fence removal AZGFD Thank You
Dear Project Volunteers and Supporting Organizations,

Well the dust has settled after our busy weekend up at Canyon Creek
and I'm contacting you to say THANK YOU!!* We could not have accomplished
all that work without you!* * The OW Ranch Manager, Larry Boeschling,
and the Forest Service asked me to pass on a big Thank You as
well!* *One of the special things about Canyon Creek is the long history of
partnerships and volunteerism.* It's a unique place in Arizona and worth
our attention.* *We had a great turnout with volunteers from* Desert Fly
Casters, AZ Mule Deer Organization, the Mogollon Sportsman Association,
Payson Flycasters/Gila Chapter of Trout Unlimited.* * We thank you
for your organizational support!
All said and done, with your hard work we*removed 6600 feet or 1.25
miles of elk fencing and rebuilt a new livestock exclosure* fence (total
of 6 miles or 31,680 feet of barbed wire!).* * It took 4 large trailer loads
to haul all the old wire to the recycle bin, not counting what the ranch
manager, Larry kept.* Our Development Branch crew cut over 660 10-
foot t-posts*to size with a grinder tool and* all the cut ends were* taken
to our headquarters for reuse on other projects.* *Then to top it off, we
had to clip the new barbed wire fence to the t-posts, which meant hand
pliers and twisting over 2640 times!* *Plus, each t-post*had a cap to put
on!* Last and not least....a boy scout troop followed our work up this past
weekend by hanging plastic bird deflectors on the new fence as a warning
device to reduce bird/fence*collisions and incidental mortality.* We
consider this an important step, for an acclimation period, when installing
new fence that local wildlife may not see when traveling*through.* * *
It goes without saying a project like this needs lots of hands to make
it possible and your many hands ensured our success!* It was hard work.*
We thank you for your time, incredible energy and willingness to drive
up to help out with our project on your own dime!* *I hope you get back
that way sometime soon to enjoy the fishing or just take in the beauty
of the place!**

Kind Regards,*
Dana Warnecke

Levisdad 10-08-2018 04:47 PM

That's awesome! So how many people came on site to volunteer?

fishunter 10-09-2018 07:36 AM

Great post. Thanks for sharing.

Baiter 10-14-2018 08:41 AM


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