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Silver Creek 05-21-2017 04:55 PM

Fly Tying Tip
Every once in awhile, I find a tying tip I have never seen that is so simple and so great that I am compelled to share it. My apologies to to anyone who know this tip already, but it is new to me:

nayls 05-21-2017 07:35 PM

Nice tip . I will give this a try. Thanks

david vaughn 05-22-2017 07:29 AM

Wish we had a "Like" button!

Baiter 05-22-2017 08:35 AM

Good one
I recently saw that. That is a good one. Thanks for sharing!

mvtoro 05-26-2017 10:56 AM

He said, "Cantankerous"!

sublime167 04-16-2018 09:41 AM

This guy is the Bob Ross of fly tying. I could watch his videos all day and it would probably do wonders for my blood pressure.

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