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Bucksnort 09-27-2016 08:28 PM

Wallow Fire
Being a Colorado resident, for a few more weeks, I'm behind the curve on this one. I have a few questions.

Is this the fire that was a controlled burn and got out of hand?

Where was the fire?

How many acres?

Did it have a negative impact on trout in either still or moving water?

Our big fire, the Hayman Fire in 2003, burned 250,000-ish acres. It had a negative impact on trout, mostly in the South Platte River from Deckers downstream to Strontia Springs Reservoir. It's one of the three reasons I don't fish that part of the Platte. The other two are too many anglers and whirling disease.

The bone head doofus who started the fire was a Forest Service (I'm sure she was fired immediately) employee who was distressed over her relationship with her boyfriend. She decided to burn some letters and photos in a campfire ring near Cheesman Reservoir. The rest is history.

She is out of jail now. I believe she served time after being convicted in the state and by the feds. For me, a fitting punishment would be to make her plant 1,000 new evergreen trees every year for the rest of her life. As a result of the fire, a fairly easy access to the South Platte River above Cheesman Resv is now off limits. That's not a big deal for me because the trout bio mass there sucks major pond water.

I camped in the burn area above Cheesman, this past weekend and I must admit, if you are a big game hunter, you will be able to see game many miles away.

Bucksnort 09-28-2016 06:26 AM

Holy mackerel, I did not know the Wallow fire covered over 500,000 acres. I just did some research and learned this and that our Hayman fire was 138,000acres, not 250,000.

I salute all those fire fighters.

Westy 09-28-2016 10:19 AM

The Wallow Fire was started by two guys camping off Bear Wallow Creek, left their fire hot and it all begun.
The fire was in eastern Arizona, from Greer southeast into the Blue Range and west to the reservation boundary basically.

Yes, it had a drastic impact on many watersheds. Primarily the moving water and they are still recovering.

Seldomseen 09-28-2016 04:25 PM

For the most part, the reservoirs were fine. After more than two decades of consistently poor snow pack, most of them sure could use some water, though.

The headwaters of the Black, Little Colorado, and Blue/San Fransisco were all heavily impacted by the Wallow. While I can't minimize the tragedy of it all, it has been an interesting ride watching the recovery, which is still underway.

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