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david vaughn 03-21-2018 04:15 PM

Rim Lakes are...
Took a drive towards Willow Springs this afternoon, and was pleased to see the main gate was locked open. There were 4 vehicles already in the main parking area, with a couple more in the picnic area.

Unfortunately, the lake is about 6' down from last summer.

I also noted the Rim Road was open from Hwy 260, so opted to see how far in I could make it.

The barriers are still up at the Woods Canyon turnoff, and Woods is also closed off roughly 1/2 mile from the Rim Road.

Temps were in the mid 50's around 3pm with a little wind on the lake.

Think I'll sneak up to Willow Springs in a few days, see what's happening with the holdovers...

Levisdad 03-21-2018 04:27 PM

Does the 300 have a lot of snow on it?

Tying2Fly 03-21-2018 09:16 PM

What about the dirt road (#143 I think it is) that goes up the backside of the first leg of Willow Springs Lk? Is that gate open? I might be staying this next weekend at Kolh's Ranch Lodge so might try to get up to willow springs if that road is open.

david vaughn 03-22-2018 07:49 AM

Levisdad & Tying2Fly,

No snow at all and yes, the dirt road leading into the day use area of the lake is dry, open and traversable in 2wd.

Bucksnort 03-22-2018 10:46 AM

Any information on access for Knoll Lake?

david vaughn 03-23-2018 07:47 AM


Originally Posted by Bucksnort (Post 171775)
Any information on access for Knoll Lake?

Per Coconino NF, the link above shares the Rim Road is open from the west (approximate milepost 281 on Hwy 87), along with FR 295E, leading into Knoll Lake. Not sure what kind of condition the road will be in, with some rain/snow activity the past couple of weeks. Along with snow/rain forecast for the upcoming week.

I haven't been on this section of the Rim Road as yet, so I don't have any firsthand account to share with ya, sorry 'bout that.

david vaughn 03-30-2018 07:25 AM


As of March 28, A-S has opened the 300 Road west of Woods Canyon and leading into Woods Canyon Lake.

From prior experience, the 300 Road west of Woods Canyon Lake is usually soft from the winter precipitation, not to mention the dispersed camping in that overall area. Be mindful of that when pulling your rigs into camping areas so as not to become bogged down in soft earth.

All of the Rim lakes/streams are once again open for us to become humbled by holdovers.

Time to put my Chief Tiger Trout Safari cap back on and continue my 'research'.

Otherwise, enjoy the Rim once again!

- David

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