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RollininZona 04-22-2018 12:50 AM

spinning gear advice
Howdy all,

I know this is az FLY and tie...

...but I'm lookin for a spinning setup. It's been decades since I've fished with spinning gear.

My goal is to make it easier to just tool around for pike in ULM after long mountainbike rides. At least twice a week all summer for at least 8 years I've set out with the intention of fishing after a Flagstaff ride, but I've actually done it only a small handful of times because, frankly, after 5 or 6 hours of aggressive riding even my upper body is so worked that I just cant cast 3/0 wet-sock bunny streamers with the long rod. Shoulders and forearms are just too worked.

So I'm thinking about something that will cast spinner baits and such, up to about an ounce I guess, a good lonnggg distance. Distance is important.

My average pike on the fly in ULM is about 33" and 9-11 lbs, with the occasional 38" 14lb "lunker" in the mix. I'm thinking 12-15lb test with all the weeds in that lake.

Any suggestions on rod and reel? Something that will give me good distance with the aforementioned tackle?

Last time I bought spinning gear was in the late 80's / early 90's... so I'm completely blind here.

Any and all advice is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Cheers! :beer:

reel deal 04-22-2018 09:05 PM

I personally like the Pfleuger President reel paired with a 66 quantum rod.
I have both in the ultra light that I use with Daiwa Spoons but even a medium quantum rod and a 30 series president reel would catch the pike your after and not break the bank.

MeLikeFlyFish-FlyFishGood 04-24-2018 08:51 AM

For the fish you speak of I'd go with a med-heavy rod and a minimum of 6-6". The longer the better for the distance cast you want. The set-up I took to Alaska to catch 10-15lb. silvers is a the E6X "steelhead" rod from G. Loomis. I have it in 8'6" med-heavy and it is priced reasonably compared to some other G. Loomis products but it is definitely not cheap. I paired that with a Abu Garcia STX and some 20 pound braid and was crushing the cast distance of my surrounding fisherman. Why stop at 12lb test when pike in that murky hole aren't necessarily line shy? Also, why not braid? My catch rates were right in line with my neighbors fishing mono and fluoro.

While I primarily fly fished in AK I took this rig as backup for horrible weather (we definitely had it with 30+ mph sustained winds on a day we got 8.5" of rain!!) and to battle general fatigue from fishing a 9wt for 8-10 hours a day for a week.

As for a less expensive set-up the Pflueger President's (referenced above) are nice but, in general, I prefer Daiwa spinning reels and think the Cabelas reels are nice (made by Daiwa).

For a nice rod at a screaming price check out this:

I just picked it up to throw heavy spinners and swim baits. With a STP 25% DealFlyer coupon (gotta sign up) it comes in at under $40. NICE! I fished it two weekends ago and was quite pleased.

Another good deal on a good reel from Abu Garcia:
Price without coupon is $60.

Those two items from STP and some 15-20 pound braid (much smaller in diameter than mono) would be a **** of rig for what your doing and all under $100.

**Necessary disclaimer. I solemnly swear that fly fishing is my first choice but fishing is my LOVE. When my buddies with bass boats call (only so much tolerance for 50 feet of fly line slinging around them) I will gladly hit the water with a spinning rod and reel in hand!

RollininZona 03-04-2019 08:39 PM

Spinning gear
Thank you both for the suggestions here!

Unfortunately I missed the STP deal but it gives me a place to start. I'm funded and ready to invest so if anyone has a specific ror / reel they love, I'd of coarse be grateful!

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