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MYT1 06-09-2018 03:36 PM

Is Chevelon Open?
A buddy and I are planning on heading to Chevelon Lake next week.

I think it is open, but I was wondering if anyone knows for sure.


david vaughn 06-10-2018 07:32 AM

Per the map link above, yes, Chevelon is open. Stage II fire restrictions are in effect. I would strongly advise against any open flame other than propane, as hundreds of campers visiting Rim Country have received citations.

M Lopez 06-10-2018 04:36 PM

Yes, Chevelon is definitely open.

As David mentioned, it is Stage II Fire Restrictions. No fires other than propane type stoves and lanterns, no smoking except in a vehicle or building, no driving off numbered roads, no chainsaws, and don't park your vehicle over tall grass where your muffler or cat. converter might catch them on fire.

The lake is very low. The upper end might be very shallow. Still should be decent fishing from shore or float tube, especially in early morning or late evening.

david vaughn 06-11-2018 06:53 AM

Also, chances of rain are improving from Wednesday on, be mindful of dry lightning.

MYT1 06-11-2018 10:39 AM

Thank you so much for your responses.

lakelady 06-12-2018 09:30 AM

Upper end where the creek comes in is quite low. I would personally access at the dam, if I had the choice, and then take a float tube or something up. But remember those roads are meant for hiking or ATV's that fit through the gate, not big wide UTVs.

M Lopez 06-12-2018 05:16 PM

Lakelady is correct about the road down to the dam. It is locked at the top of the canyon with a space on the side of the gate to legally allow motorized vehicles no wider than 50 inches. The road is identified in Forest regulations as only legal for smaller sized vehicles (<50" in maximum width). Some folks have taken it upon themselves to drive cross country, move boulders and other barriers, and/or use a pirate administrative keys to get past the locked gate to drive their larger UTVs and regular vehicles down to the dam, which is all illegal. That illegal use is wearing on the road, which is not designed for regular use by large vehicles, and going to cost us more in road maintenance funds. And because the road is again in such bad shape, our hatcheries have refused to make more than one or two trips a year into Chevelon to stock it, since it costs them in damaged tires on every trip. Thus, the lake could be getting stocked with more trout if folks weren't tearing up the road with regular use with full sized vehicles.

Please hike or use an ATV down to the dam as intended. Thanks.

Seldomseen 06-12-2018 06:14 PM

Did I ever tell you the story of the year I was hiked down by the dam, saw the warden headed towards me and realized my license was back in the Jeep up top at the gate?

Good thing I was young and in shape, 'cause he was only the latter, so I beat him back up the hill before he checked me. :)

MYT1 06-15-2018 05:23 AM

My buddy and I fished Chevelon yesterday.

Against the advise of this thread, my buddy pretty much insisted we approach from the south. So, even though my GPS didn't take us the most direct way, that is what we did.

The water is 8-10 feet low and we had to traipse through some pretty thick muck to get our tubes into the water. My buddy actually lost his fin temporarily in the mud.

So, the fishing wasn't great and I felt very fortunate catching two nice 16 inch Rainbows.

I was fishing along the cliffs across from where we put-in and even though I was fairly certain there had to be fish in that area I wasn't having any luck just kicking around and dragging a pretty heavily weighted streamer.

Then I remembered something a friend recently told me. I paraphrase, but it went something like: If you do the same old thing, you will get the same old result.

Keeping that in mind, I beached my float tube near the side of the rock cliffs and tossed my streamer from shore, giving it plenty of time to sink and twitching it on the retrieve. I caught the two above mentioned fish almost immediately, and I almost had a third.

Then as often happens, nada. The fish shut down and the entire rest of the day, whether I was standing on shore or fishing from my tube, I only got two more hits. I lost one after it was hooked for a fair amount of time, but that was it.

It was pretty windy and as a result I didn't venture too far from our put-in area, because I was afraid I'd never be able to paddle back.

Next time I think I will definitely approach from the north part of the lake by the dam.

Thanks again for all your help advising me on this trip. I just wish I would've done a better job of following that advise.

Cheers, Rick

Hooty 06-15-2018 05:37 AM

Was up there about 6 weeks ago and also experienced a unfamiliar slowness based on past experiences- an entire day only yielding 2. Still my favorite lake though!

Westy 06-15-2018 09:50 AM

That's a stingy fishery usually, especially this time of year unless that magic cicada hatch goes off.

Great place to spend some time fishing though.

david vaughn 06-16-2018 07:06 AM

I've gone into the south end once before, wasn't all that impressed. All the other dozens of times I've entered the lake from the dam side.

Starting at the dam, I would work that western shoreline immediately from the put-in spot. I cannot recall a time when a brown failed to say hello by taking my SSL. Same for the first hundred yards or so along the western shoreline.

Best fish was on the northern point leading back into the western finger. Way back when I had a round float tube and sitting very low in the water, something grabbed ahold of my SSL, turned me 90 degrees to my left, and drug me several feet out into the lake before the line failed.

Kinda glad, too. Not sure if I really wanted to see what that behemoth was that turned my 245lbs, taking me for a little ride...

Levisdad 07-01-2018 09:34 AM

Anybody that hasn't been to the inlet side of the lake, this will give an idea of what the hump is like....

stoneflynut 07-01-2018 11:44 AM

Sweet! I've hiked in and fished the dam end of Chevelon but never made it to the inlet; pretty cool looking water up there and seemingly no more difficult than the steep dam hike was. Still, no country for old men. Glad I'm only 73!

stoneflynut 07-01-2018 12:13 PM


The above is supposed to be a nice brown trout C&R'ed from Chevelon when we hiked in at the dam end of the reservoir, but I was unable to post a picture here. I've tried many times to post pics but just don't seem to have to aptitude to accomplish it. So, imagine a 20" BT caught on 5X slung across my lap while sitting in a float tube. Lots of large irregular black spots covering primarily the upper half but without any red spots...curious...and without the characteristic blue head spot. Large head; likely a male. A truly memorable fish made more so by the effort we had to expend to get in and out of the canyon.
If you've never fished Chevelon, please to yourself a favor and get down there and enjoy fishing the pristine waters without jet skis and party barges.

Levisdad 07-01-2018 02:03 PM

Even though the road sucks and the hump will kick your ***, It's still my favorite place to go. I've caught several 20+" browns & bows where this video was taken. If you pause it at .037 seconds you will be looking south toward the inlet and where the foot trail comes down. I see the eagle every time I go. If you are in a float tube he/she will be watching you...

stoneflynut 07-01-2018 09:58 PM

Yes indeed, that was all kinds of awesome! Chumming in a bald eagle on a fresh caught rainbow...10/10

lakelady 07-02-2018 04:18 PM

Kind of sucks that you wasted a fish someone else could have caught. Bald eagles can definitely hunt on their own. Game and Fish doesn't get down to stock that lake nearly as often as I'd like.

lostdutchman 07-04-2018 11:03 PM

Feeding a stocker rainbow to a ( wild ) eagle, is the least important problem chevelon faces you should be more upset by the empty styrophome worm containers, powerbait jars, and the photos of 25”+ Fish held up by their gills we see every fall..

Stocked fish are put in to be taken out both by fisherman and birds. What makes Chevy so special is the wild fish ( albeit the Straub has been stocked at some point ) and the wild life ( eagles included)

There’s plenty of stocked fish to chase in the other rim lakes if that’s your deal. IMO feeding a few rubber stickers to the eagles is doing the fishery some good.

M Lopez 07-05-2018 12:38 AM

No, stocked fish are put in to be taken out by fishermen. Period. They are not stocked for birds, 'cause the birds or ESA do not pay for those trout. Anglers pay for hatcheries and stocked trout with your license and gear purchases. You just wasted a trout that another angler might have been happy to catch.

Yes, the wild browns are the main attraction, but there are not enough in there to keep most people happy. Chevelon is supplemental stocked with hatchery rainbows for something to catch when folks can't catch the browns. If the fishing sucks most of the time, some idiot is just going to throw bass in there.

I respectfully disagree that throwing a hatchery rainbow to an eagle instead of releasing it, is doing the fishery any good. And don't forget to add that wasted rainbow to your daily bag limit.

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