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nyetter 05-17-2017 04:12 PM

Anyone have any recent reports from Becker or Carnero? Taking my Son up there this weekend. Thanks!

MeLikeFlyFish-FlyFishGood 05-18-2017 06:51 AM


Originally Posted by nyetter (Post 169862)
Anyone have any recent reports from Becker or Carnero? Taking my Son up there this weekend. Thanks!

Welcome new person. These lakes are regularly referenced on this site. There is one "famous" White Mountains thread. Try using the search function.

nyetter 05-18-2017 07:54 AM

Thank you for the response. I've fished these lakes many times and I've read probably all the old posts(which are always helpful). I was just curious if anyone had fished them within the last week. I know there was a fly fishing group that fished last weekend and was hoping to get the most recent reports. I always appreciate any help and feedback.

Mr Blur 05-18-2017 08:16 AM

from what I've heard it was very windy up there for that group outing. with very few fish caught.

nyetter 05-18-2017 01:50 PM

Thanks Blur. The wind is supposed to die down tomorrow and should be a light breeze for the weekend. Hope to have some good fishing up in the WM. If anyone else has more info, that would be great. Otherwise I'll update next week how we do. Thanks again

Mike Lyons 05-18-2017 05:10 PM

Carnero should be fun...
The wind has been howling for several days BUT, forecast weather is for five degrees higher than average temps (68-72 degrees) with light winds beginning Saturday. The lake is full and quite clear. Indicator rigs with chronimid patterns and leech patterns and fairly reliable. Damsels should be coming on in the next few weeks. The fish are fat and happy and running 15 to 18 inches plus.

Good luck and have fun.

nyetter 05-19-2017 08:34 AM

Thanks Mike. I've watching the weather closely and am excited for this weekend. Looks like the wind will cooperate and hopefully the fish will too. Hope to have a good report and some nice pics to share next week.

nyetter 05-26-2017 02:32 PM

Report: we fished Becker last Saturday morning (5/20/17) from about 7:30 am until 12:30pm. Fishing was slow. Between all of us we landed 4 fish in that time. The weather was perfect with just a light wind. We tried buggers and leaches on sinking line and also fished indicator rigs. Everyone on the lake seemed to be experiencing the same.
We decided to load up and try Carnero that evening. There we were able to get into some fish! We all landed more then 10 fish each. Some small fish and a few really nice fish. Several rainbows in the 16-18 inch range and several tiger trout with 1 going 18" and another at 16". They were sure fun to catch! We fished right up until dark and even caught some on drys right before dark. Good trip. I'll try and post some pictures when I get a few minutes.

Pinetopbob 05-26-2017 04:55 PM

Ah, fishing Carnaro after the sun drops behind Greens Peak.

Caddis on the surface and the fish come out of the weeds to eat when it is getting dark.

Perhaps they are now safe from the birds hitting the water but a wonderful memory for me and my dog fishing until dark and catching some bows on a dry caddis.

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