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Flyfishinsteve64 06-08-2017 10:18 AM

Re: New Member Introduction
Hello All,
I just purchase a house at Hidden Shores in Yuma. I've been fly fishin for about 8 years now. I live in San Diego and fish both fresh and salt. I fish with a well trained dog, a Blue Healer. At this time I am fishin from shore and a kayak. Next spring I plan on having a bass boat. I get lots of time off from work and love to travel and fish. I'm looking forward to bass fishin on the Colorado and exploring all of the different types of fishin Arizona has to offer. So if your out on the water and you see me and my lil blue dog come over and say hi. I will try my best to report my trips, however I don't normally take pictures so if your looking for proof of my catch well you will just have to take my word for it or not. Tight lines


huntmoore 06-08-2017 03:54 PM

Welcome, Steve! This is a great community and we're glad to have you! Hope to see you on the water someday...


creekhiker 06-09-2017 04:38 AM

Welcome ya beach bum.

What kind of fish you pulling from the ocean over there?

MeLikeFlyFish-FlyFishGood 06-09-2017 05:27 AM

Welcome Steve. I don't believe there are too many Yuma-nians on the site? What little I do know abut Yuma is that the canals can be productive. A few years back there was another Californian who would post some nice bass pics from the canals. I'd love any info you acquire on this front as I go there for work 2 or 3 nights every 3 or 4 weeks. I plan to try the canals in about 2 weeks. Tight lines...

Flyfishinsteve64 06-09-2017 06:43 AM

I started fishin the salt about 3 years ago. completely different gear for the salt. so far I fished the bay, surf and a lil kelp. the bay has bass, halibut, bonito, barricuda, corvina, corbina, and lots more. the surf, mostly perch and corbina but many others live out there in the sea corvina, shark, bass you just never know what you might hook into. the surf has been really slow last couple years. the kelp beds hold all the above plus yellowtail, grouper, white sea bass and much more but that takes some serious gear and I have been buying and buying and I'm almost there. i'm going on my first 2 day tuna trip in September. 12 anglers fly fishin trip.

I plan on fishin the canals some. I will give my reports

got to go to work

Bucksnort 06-09-2017 08:26 AM

Is your dog a fish locating dog?

basshunter 06-09-2017 05:18 PM

Welcome Steve, looking forward to seeing your reports.

Flyfishinsteve64 06-12-2017 04:37 AM

yes wyatt is a fish locating dog. If I hook a fish he finds them.


Ragen 06-12-2017 02:01 PM

Welcome to the site. I split my time between Yuma and Payson. I've found very few folks fly fishing in Yuma. Pursuing bass or pan fish can be a lot fun on the CR or in the canals. I work in the Yuma AG field so I’m normally running around the fields and I usually carry a fly rod with me in the truck. Good to take a break once in a while and make a few casts when the chance comes along. I fish for warm water species in Yuma and then trout up around Payson. Although there really aren’t any fish around Payson or the Rim… I do tie my own flies and make my own bamboo rods. I'm sure you've already found that there is now a Sportsman’s Warehouse in Yuma. You’ll find a good assortment of fly tying supplies but not much on the fly rod, reel, or equipment side though. Anyway welcome to the site. If I see you and the dog, I’ll stop and say hi.

Bucksnort 06-12-2017 02:30 PM


No, you need a dog that finds the fish before you catch them. Now, that's a true fish finding dog.

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