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Levisdad 12-02-2017 01:18 PM

Is it fact or fiction that fishing around the time of a full moon is poor?

I never gave that much thought, till I seen that there is a super moon this weekend.

herefishy 12-02-2017 02:08 PM

The fact is, the fish can see their prey better in the moonlight, so might be full when daylight rolls around. You'll just have to see.

MeLikeFlyFish-FlyFishGood 12-02-2017 04:31 PM

I generally don't like full moon for day or night fishing. Day fishing seems slower as they are more able to feed at night and are less hungry during the day. For night fishing I prefer little to no moon. One of my favorite things to do is fish for big browns at night with mice patterns. Experience tells me that the strikes are shorter in full moon as they turn away at the last minute when they realize my mouse fly isn't really a mouse or small bunny.

Bucksnort 12-02-2017 04:55 PM


Of course the best time to fish is anytime you can get away.

I posted this a while back regarding fish and their eyes.

Many years ago, Fly Fisherman Magazine published an article about how well trout see.

They quoted a study regarding the topic and especially with brown trout and how they can readily take brine shrimp. I have never seen rine shrimp but I understand they are very small. The study found brown trout can easily see and take the shrimp with light provided by a full moon so I believe they would not do as well with no moon.

I don't know if anyone ties brine shrimp imitations, and I'm guessing no, but the point is, a full moon provides more light and could improve catching. The study also mentioned brown trout feed more at night than day.

This reminds me of a situation with my cats. A while back, my wife made a comment about how we should turn the back yard lights down at night when we take them outside because they see better in the dark. I told her cats can see well in the dark but they see better in daylight or artificial light.

Like my cats, trout see better in daylight than at night but I'm thinking browns feed more at night because they feel more secure under the cover of low light. And, I believe most of us catch more trout early in the morning and later in the afternoon and evening. This is because the tender morsels they eat are more active at these times and so are the trout. I'm sure there are exceptions.

Levisdad 12-06-2017 09:36 PM

Good info to keep in mind, thanks! I generally go fishing cause I enjoy getting away from the daily grind. If I don't catch any fish, it's not a problem, I still had fun. Fishing is like preventative maintenance for the body.

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