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ejcrist 09-26-2017 07:02 PM

Stripping Basket
Anyone on here use a fly line stripping basket. I never have before but they seem like a good idea. I just worry about adding another piece of stuff on me while fishing. When I'm on foot I already have a large waist pack and oftentimes an inflatable buoyancy compensator if wading on a big river. And then I have a vest with the net attached to the back and of course a necklace with clippers, tippets, etc. So I don't know if it'll get in the way or not. On the other hand I hate it when you have a lot of line floating down the river and it gets caught on stuff. It might do better when I'm on my boat since the only other piece of gear I have on is the inflatable BC. There isn't a lot of stuff for the line to get tangled on on the front of my Tracker boat but low and behold I'll find something while I'm up there. Also I was on Lake Mary last Saturday and it was really gusty which made getting tangled easy. I saw those line stripping tubes for your boat but they're pretty pricey - over-priced in my opinion. If they'd work well I might consider one but it seems like a 5 gallon bucket from Homeless Depot might work just as well. Nonetheless one of the belt mounted baskets seem like they'd be a better value since they're about half the price of the boat types and you could use them while on foot or on a boat. What do you guys and gals think? I'd appreciate any opinions.

fishunter 09-27-2017 07:54 AM

You can do a search on the site for suggestions.

There have been several solutions from collapsible laundry basket to one wear on your waist.

Milemarker18 10-11-2017 03:37 PM

A 5 gallon bucket has too high of walls to make it work. The only time I have used one other than in a boat was fishing for bonefish in Hawaii. The tide will take your line in all different directions and it made it tough. In my boat while fishing chironomids, I would keep a shallow plastic basin, say 12"x 14", filled with an inch of water in it between my feet while sitting down. This would keep line from going all over, especially when a bigger fish would make a good run. Would hardly ever tangle.

KellyC 10-12-2017 08:18 AM

Most of the stripping baskets I've seen are just too bulky for stream fishing, which is mainly what I do. I just hold the extra line in loops in my left hand as I cast with my right hand, and I let them go one loop at a time as I false cast until I get the distance I want. It works fine for me and keeps the line off the water.

COLOFLY 10-12-2017 11:14 AM

I have been struggling with as well.

I have a stripping basket that I wear around the waist. It is a William Joseph Flux:

It is ok. I have not used it much. I first tried it on a local pond walking around the pond.
For shorter cast no problem but when I started making longer cast( 40'+) I would start to get tangles in the line. I find that the basket rides high on the hip so it is not comfortable stripping line in. I am used to keeping the rod hand low to keep the tip of the rod close to or in the water(streamer fishing is where I use it the most or have intended to). Something I think I could get use to, just awkward.

I have tried it on a river as well. Same problem as above.

I try to do what Kellyc recommends and I think that may be the best solution. It does take some practice but the problem I have with it is if you do not have the room on the back cast to let out a loop at a time, you( well me) let all the loops go at once on the forward cast, I still get tangles. I may be doing something wrong???

When stripping line in try to put a loop in the pinkie finger gap then put the next loop in the ring finger gap then the next in the index finger gap and repeat. If you are making really long cast it is recommended to strip line in to the pinkie gap and when you bring the second strip in drop the first and replace with the second. (you will now have one loop with twice the amount of line per strip per gap if repeated corectly) Hope that makes sense...

The WJ Flux is a collapsible so it can be folded up when not in use. But when it is folded up and out of the way it becomes rigid on the hip and limits my movement rock hopping, stepping over logs ect. It is no where near as comfortable as the WJ Surge waist pack that does not have a stripping basket. When I do use the WJ Flux it does not have the fingers, post or whatever they are called in the bottom of the basket to keep the line from tangles( at least that is how the posts are advertised)

In a boat....??? I have little experience with that but the boats I have been in had a stripping basket on them, like a drift boat or raft set up for fishing.

COLOFLY 10-12-2017 11:23 AM

Here is one I am thinking of trying.

I believe that it will still feel awkward stripping line into it since it is a waist basket. My concern is how I would wear it with my waist pack(William Joseph Surge). Not sure if I can wear both at same time comfortably.

KellyC 10-13-2017 08:14 AM

I keep all the loops pinched between my thumb and index finger, with the index finger crooked so I can feel all the loops and keep them from tangling with one another. It works best on big water like the Deschutes in Oregon and Lees Ferry here in AZ, and some of the big Montana rivers I've fished where there is plenty of room for your back cast. For smaller streams or tight conditions, you can just gather smaller loops. It's hard to explain, kind of like dialing a phone number where you struggle to remember the number but you remember the pattern on your keypad as you easily dial it from memory. I guess it just takes a lot of practice.

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