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Bucksnort 04-09-2020 08:50 PM

Conserving Toilet Paper
My father told me about this many years ago. This is how Americans can conserve toilet paper in bad times. Here is how it goes.

1. Tear one square from a roll of toilet paper.

2. Fold the piece one way.

3. While folded, fold in the other direction.

4. Keep the piece in a folded configuration then tear off a tiny piece of the folded square at the apex. Keep this small piece of toilet paper. You will need it later.

5. Unfold the piece. You now have a flat piece of square toilet paper with a small hole in the center roughly 1/2" in diameter.

6. Insert your finger in the hole and wipe your butt.

7. Use the tiny apex piece to clean under your fingernail.

If everyone does this, there would be no toilet paper shortage.

joe 04-09-2020 09:20 PM

What do I do with the 437 rolls of toilet paper!!!

Bucksnort 04-10-2020 09:09 AM

You and the dude who bought 18,000 containers of hand sanitizer can form a company to sell toilet paper and sanitizer in times of need. In case you haven't heard, he bought them to sell on eBay and Amazon but both companies shut him down.

joe 04-20-2020 08:30 PM


This topic needs to be in the "OFF TOPIC" next time not in the general Flyfishing section.

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