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ejcrist 01-07-2019 07:05 AM

Hellgrammites in AZ
Anyone successfully used a Hellgrammite pattern anywhere in AZ? The reason I'm asking is because I read they're found from the midwest to the east coast, and along the Pacific coast, but rare in the Rocky Mountains and Great Basin states. That's what it said in the book Western Hatches by Hafele and Hughs anyway. I don't know if "rare" means non-existent in AZ or not, and if they are found here at all, what areas have them. I'm in the process of tying a couple of Smallmouth patterns for Havasu and I initially read they're fond of Hellgrammite nymphs before reading about they're possibly being scarce here. Anyway, any info on them would be appreciated.

lostdutchman 01-07-2019 09:17 AM

There are hellgrammites in Az, and they do work pretty well on one smallmouth fishery. ( also work on big brown trout too)However I’ve never seen any in havasu. But that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t work. Give em a shot, but bring plenty of baitfish, frogs and crayfish patterns too just Incase haha

aztightlines 01-07-2019 10:22 AM

Helgrammites definitely exist in the Black River and White River watersheds for sure, and probably more fisheries along the rim.

As I understand it, they don't live in lakes...but fish seem to know they are something good to eat, even if never seeing one previously.

One day many years ago on Patagonia Lake down south here, I fished an imitation on a light tippet sink-tip line, and landed several species - bass, sunfish, crappie - though I am pretty sure there were no living helgrammites in the lake.

They are my favorite for smallmouth bass...

ejcrist 01-07-2019 07:32 PM

Thanks for the info fella's. I did find there's one type (Corydalus texanus) that is distributed in the southwest ( I didn't know they only inhabited moving water though. If you successfully used a hellgrammite pattern in Patagonia then I'm sure you're right - it must look like good food to fish or they wouldn't have touched it. Thank goodness warmwater fish aren't as picky as Trout.

Dutchman - I lean heavily on the streamers anytime fishing for LM Bass or Crappie so I got that covered. I've caught most Bluegill on water insect imitations but I've even caught them on small minnow imitations too. I'm dying to try some of the Hellgrammite patterns I have though. I read SM feed pretty aggressively on them when available so that'd be neat to see. I just started fishing for SM recently and they're all I've been thinking about lately. I read they're in the Verde, Black, Apache Lake, some in Roosevelt, and I know there's a population in Havasu from talking to some of the Bass fishermen there. They certainly look like a lot of fun to chase.

aztightlines 01-07-2019 08:58 PM

I recall snagging some sticks with a small spinner lure in the White River down by Diamond Creek many years ago...and keeping a few hellgrammites from the clump of sticks to study, maybe even fish as bait in a big pool.

I shared the stream with a couple of young Apache kids, successful fishermen with salmon eggs/power bait by the look of their stringers, then pulled out the live hellgrammites from a clear plastic box. I asked them, "Know what this is....ever see one of these?" Got a big, wide-eyed, "Nooo."

Said, "Big trout like them...want them to fish with?" Another big, wide-eyed, "Nooo."

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