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aztightlines 01-05-2018 10:46 AM

Mentioned my interest in the czech/european style nymphing rod to my friend, who bought it a few years ago...and he came by yesterday and gave it me - said he never fished it.

It is an Echo Shadow PE, 10' 3 wt, 4 pc, can't wait to try it. Might be OK from a float tube as well.

mvtoro 01-05-2018 02:00 PM

Lance is a buddy of mine. He cleans house on rivers. I've also fished with Devin Olsen and even helped George Daniel teach a class on "dynamic nymphing". These guys would all catch more fish than most of us just because they're super fishy guys. So that always made me wonder how much to invest in these techniques. Are they really much more effective, or are they effective because the best fishermen I know use them?

The other thing is, they are limited in what they can do by international rules. That makes me think that some facets of these techniques are not necessarily more effective, but just what is required. I finally just asked Lance if he had no restrictions, would he still use Euro-style nymphing. He said emphatically that it was more effective and so he would. That convinced me to try it more earnestly.

I actually made my own sighter out of blaze orange dacron backing so I could try it that day. I fished a pretty small stream behind two other great fishermen. I let them fish each hole first, but even taking their seconds I caught more than both combined by using a Czech nymphing style. Converted.

I still wonder and haven't gotten the full story of how they would adjust these techniques with no limitations. How would they incorporate split shot etc. I asked Devin to add this to his next book. George Daniel teaches almost the same set up, but using split shot at the bottom of the rig almost like a bounce rig, but with a sighter instead of a suspension indicator. Very effective. Lets you use any fly of any weight as well because the split shot will get it down for you.

I believe in getting really good at as many techniques as possible. Then you can take pieces of whatever you need for whatever circumstance you find yourself. Euro nymphing is definitely worth learning.

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